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17-11-2019 – QSL Log to LoTW upload complete.

16-11-2019 – QSL Card Final Version


A QSL Card with a local & a Human touch!

Picture shows men who are coconut climbers carrying the palm leaf stumps ( “madal ” ) , coconut flower sheaths ( “kothumbu” ) and dried up root like clumps ( ” konjatta” ) from which coconuts hang. All these are dried and stored in a stand alone storage space ( viraku pura ). These are used as firewood [1]. The firewood gathered from coconut trees and other trees are more than enough for cooking year around.

Thanks to Angelo, Joe for their design skills.

Thanks to Fred for help picking the right picture from the group & input for an apt description.

Update 10-11-2019 : More pictures added at the photos section.

Update 08-11-2019 – Log Correction Weekend. Not many errors, but those mistakenly typed or missing letters will be corrected this weekend and uploaded. Once done at clublog, it will be uploaded to LoTW as well.

QSL Card Draft design is complete. Sent to the Printer, now waiting.

Please give till the end of November before the first set of cards can be sent out directly.

VU7RI Team Conducting an Amateur Radio Workshop At Agatti Senior Higher Secondary High School, Lakshadweep. 41 Senior Students, 10 Staff Including the Head Teacher attended the Workshop.

On the right – Principal doing Thanks giving Talk!

A Snapshot video of one of the two cyclones that affected the VU7RI Team! consecutively for 4 days!

This resulted in lightening, thunder storms, Fluctuating SWR and not able to use amplifier most of the time and resorting back to the base rig pushing 80watts most of the time!

As of 3rd November 2019, all Logs are uploaded to clublog. We will update the Lotw soon. Some pictures from the island will be added to the photo section.

Thank you

For vu7ri Team,


limited internet

18-10-2019: Please Note, we were told the Internet access in the Island is limited. So we may not be able to upload logs instantly. We may also not able to update the schedule further, but hopefully you should be able to spot & work with us while we are on the AIR. Thank You – For VU7RI, Shabu



Courtesy – http://subbubabu.blogspot.com/2014/07/an-article-in-bbc-news-on-line-saying.html